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Business Visitor

Evidence of who invited you

A letter of invitation from the business on their official headed paper confirming who you will be visiting, staying with or supported by during your visit.

Evidence of any previous dealings with the Host country company that you are visiting.

This could include any evidence of

  • Business meetings
  • Email conversations
  • Company activities/ invoices

Guidance Notes – Business Visitors

  • Is genuinely seeking entry as a Business Visitor for a limited period as stated by him not exceeding 6 months; or (a) to carry out one of the following activities;
  • To attend meetings
  • Conferences and interviews
  • Attending board meetings
  • To attend trade fairs for promotional work only, provided they are not directly selling;
  • To arrange deals, or negotiating or signing trade agreements or contracts
  • To carry out fact-finding missions
  • To conduct site visits;

to represent a foreign manufacturer by

  • Carrying out installing, debugging or enhancing work for computer software companies,
  • Servicing or repairing the manufacturer’s products within the initial guarantee period, or
  • To take part in a location shoot as a member of a film crew meaning he is a film actor, producer, director or technician coming to the Overseas for location sequences only for an overseas film;
  • To represent overseas news media including as a journalist, correspondent, producer or cameraman provided he is employed or paid by an overseas company and is gathering information for an overseas publication;
  • To act as a Visiting Professor
  • To undertake some preaching or pastoral work as a religious worker,
  • To act as an adviser, consultant, trainer, internal auditor or trouble shooter, to the Overseas branch.

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